About Us

About Us

Dixon Networking AssociatesObjective

The purpose of Dixon Networking Associates (DNA) is to help the members of the group grow their business to other members and thus create awareness of member’s business, product or service to the other members and the community.

No-Cost Membership

There is no cost to be a member of DNA. However, on occasion, there may be advertising opportunities to the group that may incur a cost. If a simple majority votes to do the advertising, each member is expected to pay their portion of the advertising cost.

Initial Membership Requirements

To become a member, a prospective member must attend two meetings in a row. Once accepted as a member, that individual must designate the business category he/she represents. To prevent competition within the group, no new member may represent that same business category. A member may represent more than one category as long as no other member represents that same category.

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